Your Health, Your Team

Primary Care Networks are groups of family doctors who work alongside nurses, mental health therapists, pharmacists, social workers and other health professionals to meet the everyday health needs of patients in the communities in which they live and work.

PCNs develop programs and services that help improve access to care, cut wait times for specialists and reduce healthcare costs. In the Calgary area, that includes free workshops, after-hours care, innovative programs, improved care coordination throughout the healthcare system and partnerships with local hospitals.

Research shows that patients who have a continuous relationship with a family doctor and team are healthier as they age and live longer. They receive better care, make fewer visits to emergency rooms and are hospitalized less. Your family doctor and your PCN are working together to give you and your family a home base for a healthier future.

About Edmonton-area PCNs

There are eight PCNs in the Edmonton area. They work alongside more than 1,100 family doctors in over 330 clinics to provide care for 1.2 million patients. PCN teams include more than 370 nurses, mental health clinicians and other health professionals. The eight Edmonton-area PCNs form the Edmonton Zone, one of five zones in Alberta. There are 39 PCNs province-wide.

How to find your Primary Care Network:

  1. Visit the Doctor Directory to find out which PCN your doctor is part of.
  2. Click the links below to find out more about your PCN.

Locate your PCN based on your doctor’s location.

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